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Inge Bogaerts 

started her dental practice in 1990.


The thought behind it was not only to practise standard dentistry, but also the new ultra modern techniques with high-tech equipment like the laser.


We have 3 kinds of lasers ‘Erbium Yag Laser”, KPT laser” en the ND Yag laser”. The treatments are mostly executed without anesthetic, this is especially ideal for anxious patiens and children.

We provide a play area for the children in our office.


Our practice is multilingual, we speak four languages and we have a friendly open atmosfeer, to reasure our patiences at all times.

Prevention is the basis for good dental care.. We make sure we teach you how to take the best care of your teeth by cleaning on a regular  basis, so we can avoid gingivitis at all times.


On your first visit in our office, we listen to your wishes and make diagnosis of your teeth and in colsultation with you we work out a treatment plan to provide you with radiant healthy with teeth.


The base of the treatments is : maintaining your own teeth.

Should you lack one tooth or more, then a toothimplant is a perfect alternative. (Nobel Biocare, Biomet 3i and others)


The older you become, the more your teeth start to discolour. We can introduce you to different bleachingmethodes, from homebleaching to lasertreatment, even polishing and using salt rays. Your teeth can revive if you replace your own amalgam fillings by composite fillings or porcelain.


You simply look much better with healty teeth.


Bogaerts & Partners located in  Brussel & Zellik


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