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Smart Bleach

Smart Bleach Enhance Your smile!

The laser discoloures in a teethfriendly way ,discolored teeth into a radiant white smile!

Teeth bleaching is a very old procedure but it is reaching its peak through our technological progress.

"Smartbleach® - the laser teeth-whitening system” uses a green laserlight to activate the specially developed and patended red Smartbleachgel® who will help with, yellow, brown and grey discoloration of your teeth.

This treatment takes about one hour, is safe for the enamel and gives a immediate and guaranteed result.



Questions & Answers

Q : What does a Smartbleach® treatment entail?
A : Smartbleach® uses laserlight to activate the patented gel which is applied on the teeth. This way we can bleach the teeth of give them a lighter white colour.

Q : Why is Smartbleach® better than any other treatment?
A : It works! Smartbleach® is more effective. Its results are more consistent than any other bleaching system used on natural teeth. In the past years, the Smartbleach® system has been extensively researched and developed. University studies in Europe show that the treatment is safe and effective. Smartbleach® is also the only system that can effectively treat tetracycline discoloration.

Q : Is laser light dangerous?
A : There is absolutely no danger if used by trained professionals.

Q : Where can I get the treatment?
A : At our office because we are trained professionals in the Smartbleach® procedure.

Q : Can I do it myself?
A : NO

Q : Can you show the expected improvement to the patient?
A : Yes, the improvement can be shown by using a color scale.

Q : How many treatments do I need to perform?
A : For the majority of people, only one treatment is necessary. Depending on the type and degree of discoloration, it is possible that two or three treatments may be necessary.

Q : How long does a treatment take?
A : Normally it takes one hour.

Q : Do I need to anesthetize the patient?
A : No.

Q : Does the treatment hurt?
A : After the treatment, there may be a sensitivity reaction that occurs in the short-term, but only in a very few cases. Naturally, this has no negative effect on the teeth and is of a temporary nature

Q : Does Smartbleach® make the teeth stronger (healthier, cleaner) ?
A : A side effect of using the laser in combination with fluoride is a hardening of the enamel. The laser facilitates an ‘incorpo I have crowned teeth, amalgam, fillings, porcelain veneers. Will they get bleached too? They will stay as they are , so unbleached. Smartbleach® only works on natural teeth.

ration’ of fluoride into the tooth matrix.

Q : Does the treatment have an affect on my gums?
A : No the gums are protected during the treatment.

Q : How long does the result last?
A : Assuming the patient takes good care of his teeth, experience in Europe has shown that the Smartbleach® system retains its results for years.

Q : Does the treatment have effect on dentures?
A : No

Q : I have tried to bleach my teeth, without result. Is Smartbleach® similar?
A : Smartbleach® isn’t only much more efficient, the result lasts is more sustainable

Q : Is Smartbleach® a safe method to bleach teeth?
A : Extensive scientific research has clearly shown that the Smartbleach method does not affect the enamel (thanks to the character basis of the gel) and there is negligible heat build-up of the teeth (pulp tissue).

Q : Where will I find more information regarding Smartbleach®?
A :

Q : How much does a treatment cost?
A : The price is individually set, depending on the type of discoloration.


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