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On your first consultation we make a panoramic view of your teeth aswell as the bone structure of your jaw. This gives me a general impression of what already has been done to your mouth and what’s still left to be done.
Caries will be determined and also whether or not there is periodontitis, inclosed molars and missing and death teeth.
In case of peridontitis we make a bacterial culture, a pocket status and a thorough dental cleaning and laser therapy with NdYag of the pockets.
Caries is treated with ErYag as well to avoid the sting of the needle.
Your new smile!
The laser bleaches discolored teeth in a toothfriendly way into pearly new white teeth. Teethbleaching goes back a long way  but because of the vast technological progress it is reaching it’s peak. .
"Smartbleach® - the laser teeth-whitening system” uses green laserlight to activate the patented red Smartbleachgel® which tackles yellow, brown and grey discolourings of your teeth. This treatment takes about one hour, is save for your enamel and gives an immediate guaranteed result.

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