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Wither teeth, in one hour. It’s as simple as that.

Years of pollution due to everything you eat, drink and inhale is removed in the same time you normally spend on a manicure, the hairdressers or an average luncheon.

BriteSmile improved here already revolutionary teeth bleaching method as such that it now gives a result of 9  (!) shades lighter than before a BriteSmile treatment! And all of this in one hour.

BriteSmile is presented through carefully selected denstists whom all had a BriteSmile Specialists training.

Prior to the BriteSmile treatment the dentist examines wheter or not your teeth are in the running for a BriteSmile treatment.

When it does, while you lay back and relax, our special gel in combination with our blue light system works its magic to clean and whiten your teeth.


Stat of the Art – before and after


People find it amazing what Brite Smile kan do! Your teeth are being polluted by years of drinking coffee, red whine and smoking and other pollutants or just because of the agingsystem.

Lots of hundreds of thousands worldwide have gone before you and were completely satisfied of the results of the BriteSmile treatment. Esspecially after seing the ‘before and after’ photo’s.

Below you have some examples.


For more information visit: zoom-whitening

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