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Teeth implants

More and more patient choose dental implants. A Dental implant is an artifical root made out of titanium, which replaces the patients own tooth or molar and will be fixated in the jawbone. with the implantology of the own teeth and molars, they no longer need to be grinded or damaged, so nowadays it’s no longer viewed as a alternative, but more as a first option, evenmore so because the succesrate for this technique is enormous (97% over 10 years).
When is a treatment with dental implants an option?
Dental implant are suitable for anyone above 18 years of age.

  • As a rule everyone who has a fullgrown jawbone (at the age of 18) can get a dental implant. whowever for a succesfull treatment there are some conditions:

  • U need to have sufficient jawbone to be able to screw the implants. U need a healthy and strong jawbone.

  • The gums of the remaining teeth need to be healthy. If this isn’t the case, then they will be treated beforehand.

  • You need to be prepared to maintain them with great care.


NB :
Smoking and excessive alcoholuse have a very bad effect on the success of the treatment.

The dentist will asses the x-rays wheter or not u have sufficient and healthy jawbone. 

Today’s thechonogy has evolved that if a patient doenst have enough jawbone, the can grow where needed, however bone grows slowly.

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